Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"Life." That word has more meanings than I ever care to define. What would you say life is? Some say it is the summation of events during a time that a person is alive...maybe the ability to breath and keep your body alive. Everyday I feel as though I'm challenged to define life. Can you ever really though? It seems as though the definition changes...but does it? I'd like to say that my definition of life is the ability to experience God's grace and compassion, redemption and love amidst the crap of the world enslaved to sin and experience what he has to offer through it all. True living is seeing God in all situations. It is being redeemed to my Creator. That is where I find true life. For me life is only given through God. Why do I say this, you might ask? Because with out God giving me a way out, a hope and a future, then so many times I would be dragged away and enticed by my own sinful desires and what life is that really? If I were constantly living in sin? Living life sitting in a dirty diaper. I would be plagued with self-conciousness and self-pity. I would struggle with a bad attitude and anger. Knowing myself before Christ pulled me out of the pit, my "life" would be far from pure in any way. And what life is that? That is no life. That is anger and strife and pain. No one cares to live that life if they truly would think about it. Somedays I find myself defining my "life" as pretty close to the aforementioned. Luckily God doesn't just pull me out of the pit once. It's true my heart is prone to wonder from the One I love. But my true heart longs to love my God. I pray that I can live my "life," experience life and define life not by what the world says it is but what my God offers. Pray with me?

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