Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here and there...

So here I am. Its January 4th, 2012. And I am on a brand new journey. So far a new year is bringing me a new job, a new home, a new roommate, a new zip code and a new state even! And all this new is making me shake in my boots a little. I'll have never been so far away from things that make me feel at home. My family. My friends. The people that know me and still choose to love me. I have the very best of friends that allow me to be who I am. Extend me grace when I don't deserve it. Compassion when I need it most and Love when I am every bit of a fool. They see my sin and say Yes to me anyway. That is Christ working in the hearts of the people around me and it blesses me tenderly and abundantly. Out of all the "news," a new community is what scares me the most...terrified might be a better adjective. Really thats the only thing that scares about moving to NEW YORK CITY (yeah, thats where I'm going). Building a new community. Man, thats hards work. It took me six years to build what I have now. Six years of conflicts and resolutions. Molding and Shaping. Bending and at times even breaking but always being redeemed. And now, I'm starting from scratch. All over again. I'd be lying if I told you that insecurities of it possibly taking a really long time didn't exist in my heart every now and again. What if I don't find that again at all? Its a possibility. I love my friends. I love my family. Just as they each are. Here is what I have to remember. I have to remember that if God is going to call me somewhere, which is what I feel like he has done, then I have to trust that He will meet me there. I know He desires community with us and will allow me to find it. Yeah, it probably will take quite a bit of time and lots more work but its so worth it. My community now is every bit of proof I ever need. Even if I do not find a community for quite some time I need to rely on the community that exists between me and the trinity. And that alone is the most glorious of communities. And more sustaining than anything else on this splendid, green earth. I need that truth burned into my heart!! So here's to my new journey God has sent me on! Cheers! Pray for me?


  1. Kacey, I'm excited for you and also a little nervous for you too! But I know God does have a plan and he wouldn't send you there if he didn't know already that you will find a community and make a difference in peoples lives. I will pray for you everyday! Love you!

  2. Thank you Lisa! Your prayers and love are special and highly valued to me :) Love you too. Hope to see you this year!!!!