Friday, January 6, 2012

State of the Union...

Here is my address. My heart is breaking because our great union is anything but a union. As I watch the news or read articles or see pictures there is disunity of every kind and I'm ashamed of what we have become. Americans are fighting Americans. Where is the sense in that? We are on the same team! We are civilized human beings with a conscience. Act like it! Instead of celebrating success we scorn those who are successful and demand a portion instead of working for it. People are crying out for help and a grubby check is thrown at them every month to silence the cries. Neither of these does anyone any good. There are mouths in this country that go unfed. There is no reason for hunger to exist here! There is greed on every corner from top to bottom, no class is excluded here. Our greed will continue to drive us to the grave. If you don't have money don't buy. You have an extra dollar? Help someone out. We have created a culture of class wars and takers. Our culture is greedy and needy and as long as those two exist there is disorder sure to follow. Where are we Americans? Where is our pride in hard work? Where is our generosity and compassion? Where is our true charity? Where is our will to fight for each other for the good? Where is our sense of UNITY in this united states? Stop fighting! Put away your signs and fight for a job, fight for an education. You can do it I believe in you. The other percentage. Open your eyes. See what you are doing and what you are NOT doing. See who is around you. If you have resources you don't need give someone a hand, I'm sure you've had a hand a time or two. Give someone a job. You CAN afford it, I'm sure. If you can't I bet you know someone that can. Look out for your fellows! America, do not be too high and mighty that you wont take a job that is "below" you. If you need a job TAKE IT until you figure something else out. Pull it together America! We can be strong. We can be powerful and a mighty nation. But as long as we fight each other we will fall. Stop taking what you do not deserve. Work hard. Pay fair. Treat each other with respect. HAVE respect for yourselves. Lets fight for each other not against. We have brains, use them. America, I believe in you. I believe that we have what it takes to bring us back again. You are strong, be strong! Make sacrifices. Take pride in who you are and what you can do! Whatever it is! This country needs all types, we have all types. Pick up your head and see what you can do for someone, for yourself, your neighbor, for your country, for your fellow Americans. Come on America! Wake up! Pay attention! We are bigger than this. We can do better! We are better than this! I BELIEVE IN US!

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