Monday, February 27, 2012

Settling in...

I feel like I have so much to say so bear with me as I sort my scattered thoughts. So, since the last update a million and five things have happened. Very shortly after the post this girl named Candice from London stayed at our apartment and we got to spend some really sweet time together. I didn't know her before the day she came to stay for a week. I met her the night before at a show she played in a cozy lounge in SoHo. She was wonderful and talented. What was really great is that we got to talk about our lives with each other. And her story spoke to me. And me getting to talk deeply also was soothing to my soul. We stood third in line for an hour at a theatre on broadway for tickets to How to Succeed in Business, sipped lattes and ate brunch at a bistro, sat at Lincoln Center for fashion week and, of course, went and saw the show. It was great. And I met Nick Jonas...I'll get to that in a sec. To sum it up. My Jesus sent me her just to share life with someone. And it was good. So, Nick Jonas. I hung around after the show to see how he interacted with people to see if he, I don't know, was as genuine as he presents himself in other areas of his life. Everyone was yipping and squealing and pushing papers at him to sign and sticking cameras out for pictures. He would politely say thank you or you're welcome and smile for the camera. Well, the girls in front of me stepped out of the way once they got their autograph and I was exposed. I assumed he was expecting me to thrust my playbill in his face for an autograph, I didn't want an autograph, I'm not about them. He looked at me and kind of smiled so I stuck my hand out and said I just wanted to shake your hand and tell you you did a great job tonight. He looked stunned, fumbled out a, "thank you, thank you so much." And I returned the smile said you're welcome and turned to leave and he said, "you have a good night!" So I turned back around and responded with a "thanks, you too." I saw an unexpectedness and a thankfulness and humility in his eyes. That was really cool. He definitely lived up to the expectation I had of him as a believer. Hooray!  In other news, I've also been to the opera, the movies, a cool studio (where Beyonce shot "love on top"), had a few lunches, diners and other things, started a job, got lost on trains, went to a few shows and was an extra for a friends film for one of her classes at the New York Film Academy. So many cool "new yorkish" things, WITH PEOPLE! I think I really needed a desert time to realize how much of a blessing the road God has paved before really is. And it was such a short desert time. I am quite thankful for that as well. I'm sure they will come and go from time to time, I'm under no veil. After that quiet time I had prepared myself for a few months of that feeling, and I felt ready to battle it because I was fighting with the creator on my side. But His plan was different. AND THAT IS WELCOMED! I feel like I'm settling in nicely. I do have friends I can call up for lunch or coffee. Even dinner really! I don't feel lonely. I do still get bored sometimes though. But I'll take boredom over loneliness any day! I have made friends with some really cool people and am very excited to see how things unfold. I have an itch that something greater is in store. Like something is just around the corner that is great and big and wonderful and meaningful. I feel an itch to do something...bigger, more. And the anticipation is killing me but it is so good because I know that his timing is perfect and I'll wait. BUT OH GOSH! I can't wait. :) If you would, pray for me that I am present in my own life and paying attention to his presence in mine most importantly. I'll keep you posted. Onward!

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  1. So glad things are going well for you :)